Cock Torch cheap male masturbator

Cock Torch the ultimate mens sex Toy. You pay only for one Torch and get 3 inserts: Butt, Vagina and Mouth.
Get 3 toys instead of 1 right now.

We have engineered the best feeling male masturbation toy available, it is made from a new type of latex has a feel to it that is very much the same as real skin. The outer case of the Cock Torch has been designed in such a way that it can be left around the house or where ever you may choose to take it without arising suspicion. It looks just like a normal flashlight.

The inner sleeve is so realistic feeling that if you immerse it in warm water to bring it up to body temperature your penis will think that it is a real vagina, ass or mouth. That is why we have made three different inners so that you can have a variety of sensations to masturbate with. Which will enhance the experience to no end. Each with its own individual inner to resemble a vagina, ass or mouth textures.

The Cock Torch is also very versatile in that it can be used not only for self pleasuring but could also be introduced into couples sex play, much the same way many couples often use vibrators during sex play on the woman. The Cock Torch will give you the most pleasurable masturbation experience imaginable. The end can be screwed off to remove the sucking senstation, and create a completly new feeling. This and the fact you have 3 different inners, which are all textured differently, you can have different pleasures for each day of the week.

I really love my new Cock Torch. Your service has been fantastic. I have never Experienced, sexual pleasure to this extreme. The suction created and soft textured insides just make my balls explode with ecstasy when i cum, and the lead up to orgasm is just mind blowing. My favorite is the Ass hole, I think because my x-wife never used to let me there, but now i can fuck my favorite holes daily, sometimes all 3 in 1 session.

Mike, auckland

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