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Customer's recent e-mail

Thanks guys I just recently received my toy and let me tell you it is by far the best feeling masturbation tool I have ever tried. And I’ve tried many. Thanks
Henry, 45

My husband and I just recently bought a Cock Torch because we were looking for something to enhance our sex life with something for him, I allready have 3 vibrators, and thought it will be good if he has something. And I was very pleased to find out that it says it feel great and jokes about how he likes to have sex with it better than with me! (at least i think hes joking)
Sandy, 37

My husband and I have been having problems in the bedroom, since I have just given birth to my 3rd child naturally my vagina muscles aren’t what they used to be and my husband can no longer reach orgasm inside me and most often I have to give him a handy or blowjob to finish him off. As I was searching the internet for something that we could use to help him reach orgasm I came across your Cock Torch , so I bought one. He is absolutely ecstatic with it and just loves to use it daily , even I now enjoy using it on him , it has now put a new spark in our sex lives and we are both very happy. Thank You Cock Torch.
karren, 39

Hi everyone I just wanted to write you a quick letter to say that I am very happy with the service and support I received from your team. The toy is very excellent too I very much enjoy using that and use it everyday,. I think it is a nice touch that you have the three inners in the pack and don’t make customers pay for them separately like others companies do.
Jeoff, 56

Being away from my girl i needed to find something that would satisfy my needs instead of wasting money and risking my health on prostitutes, I found this Cock Torch on the net and decided to give it a try. Wow it feels like a real vagina and with the free mouth and ass insert included was also a real bargain. I now use it night and day.
Adrian, 29

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